Royal Hideaway Corales Resort
By Dmitriy Gurov, photographer & editor Hiking-Tenerife.com
The team of Hiking-tenerife.com attended the opening party of the Royal Hideaway Corales Resort, a new dreamy destination for a luxury tourism.
If a building becomes architecture, then it is art
When we got our invitations, we immediately decided to go to this event, because we knew it was going to be amazing. And the party was epic! So is the hotel itself.
Barcelo Hotel Group has finally opened its first hotel in the Canary Islands. It is located in Costa Adeje, in the village of La Caleta.
This place is great, because it is not overcrowded and noisy like Las Americas, but close to the ocean and has a fantastic ocean view from the front, and an amazing mountain view from the back of the hotel.
You can find all the official details on the hotel's website. We just want to share our photographs and impressions…this is the reason you read our journal, right? We have taken a lot of beautiful images, thanks to this stunning place and its location.
Side note: the resort is fabulous, so if you guys are looking for a place to spend your Honeymoon, now you have found it!
The main thing here is the architecture and design.
Then come gorgeous restaurants, pools, suits and penthouses. The first thing that hit us was the out of the ordinary hotel building, and it looks terrific.
Honestly, it reminded us of a giant liner with a lot of decks. We were delighted that we now have such a stylish building on the south of Tenerife.
Leonardo Omar, who worked on this project, is a brilliant architect! No doubts here.
Ok, let's check out one of the a penthouses. It was at the helm of this "ship". When we entered the door, we were amazed how stylish everything looks. Design, technical equipment, quality of materials - everything is thought out to the smallest detail and executed perfectly. Just look at the photos, there's nothing to add.
We like the fact that the Royal Hideaway Corales Resort does not just focus on luxury and service. The guys have created an authentic world, where you can feel the atmosphere and nature of the Canary Islands. Even if the guest does not get out of his suite, he can feel it.
All the materials inside the hotel are used to recreate the island of Tenerife in miniature. And it turned out great! Well done Leonardo Omar! A night illumination, it's just magical!
It's not a surprise for us that Royal Hideaway Corales Resort has already won the Best New Hotel 2018 and Best Beach Hotel 2018.
Was it fun?
Oh, yeah!
Jazz, dancing, an artist from our nearby town of El Medano, a lot of delicious food from the chefs and terrific fireworks. An extra "like" for the telescope, a potpourri from Bob Marley's songs and the vibe.
The party brought together so many famous persons: Fernando Clavijo, president of the Canary Islands Government; Carlos Alonso, president of the Cabildo de Tenerife; José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga, mayor of the municipality of Adeje, and Simón Pedro Barceló, president of the Barceló Hotel Group.
It was fun and beautiful
And for dessert, watching the stars at night. The location of the Royal Hideaway Corales Resort is not chosen by chance, there is very little light pollution! So, to see the cosmos, you just need to raise your head to the night sky. The end.
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